Corporate Travel Management in Singapore & Abroad

As an experienced event agency in Singapore, we are highly skilled in creating invigorating and exhilarating group incentive travel trips. We manage the whole process from destination selection, booking travel and arranging unique activities and excursions through to delegate registration and producing creative collaterals for the event.

Project Planning and Management

Every work retreat requires an objective and our 1 M.I.C.E. consultants are skilled in delivering detailed and meaningful agenda, fulfilling to your requirements and executing and managing excellent programme schedules to satisfaction.
Travel Management

Best Destinations

1 M.I.C.E. consultants are well-travelled and has the most up-to-date knowledge on the happenings around the world. Rest assured that we will recommend the best fit destinations based on your requests.

Personalize Services

With our strong background in events management and corporate travel management in Singapore, we can provide customized trips, creating memorable experiences for you and your team!

Maximum Business Impact

In 1 M.I.C.E. we believe that incentive travel has huge impact on employee engagement as your employees will feel appreciated. Rewarding their efforts with an unforgettable experience will have a positive ripple effect that runs through the whole organisation, reflected in terms of employee’s morale and results.